Ron Hickey is a native of East Bakewell, Tennessee. He has a B.A. in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco; Studied Business Finance at Stanford University, as well as Facilities Management at California State University, Sacramento; and Nuclear Propulsion Engineering Naval Nuclear Power School – United States Department of Defense/Naval Reactors. He has driven success in himself and others every step of the way.

Ron is the publisher at Hickey House Books. He is President & CEO at Hickey Associates & Hickey, a business consulting firm that focuses on Leadership Training, Peak Performance and Organizational Performance Management. He is a highly sought after speaker and lecturer. Ron is also the Founder and CEO of a California Nonprofit Organization. His nonprofit, The CHELSEA Corporation, focuses on Leadership Development of youth.

Ron Hickey is also the author of the following books:

  • Author, 12 INSIGHTS: An Uncompromising Examination of Life
  • Author, The Hoola Hoop Paradigm: Are You Up for the Challenge?

 His coming books include:

  • Coming Book: The 10 Principles of Exceptional Leadership
  • Coming Book: Quantum Leaders and The Leadership Paradox
  • Coming Book: Teens Will Be Teens: The Do’s and Don’ts of Chaperoning Teenagers

Other books published by Hickey House Books

  • Why We Do What We Do, by Dr. Terrence Schofield
  • Black Behind the Badge, by Victor Jones
  • Coming Book: BIG Girls: Be Brilliant, Be Independent, Be Gorgeous, by Tia Clay
  • Coming Book: Everything Facilities, The Facilities Maintenance Bible, by Ken Black

These are some of Ron’s successes. Getting where he is in his AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS life has involved overcoming a degree of adversity. There is no true success without struggle. Through the struggle, ecstatically, Ron developed some ridiculous habits that have pushed his life upward and forward. He is excited to share in this book, AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS, just how his big dreams and being ridiculous has lead him to living an amazing life. So, as he shares, while featuring his family, Maurice “The Truth” Willis, in the book; Ron has had some success, but not all of his dreams have come true. Nevertheless, big dreams remain the touchstones of his success in life.

Ron is married with three children and lives in Roseville, California.

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