Following is an official review of “Amazingly Ridiculous” by Ronald Hickey.

4 out of 4 stars

Amazingly Ridiculous is Ronald Hickey’s well-designed inspirational non-fiction book that organizes sound wisdom in nineteen principles.

Hickey borrows from his own experiences as well as those of his friend, Maurice Willis. Willis speaks of his music interests and how they have led him on a different path than he expected, a path of self-discovery and realizing other dreams and goals. He does not let his childhood and the place he grew up to limit his dreams and potential. Hickey puts together a collection of principles that are helpful for introspection, encouragement and advice. One of the principles included is “achieve”

which refers to the achievement of one’s full potential. Another is “immediacy” which speaks of enjoying today and making every moment count.

I love that Amazingly Ridiculous is well-structured with each chapter covering its own topic. Each subject is explored adequately and quotes are included that relate to the author’s message. The language used is also accessible to the target audience and the lack of grammatical issues makes the book a delightful read.

Hickey’s message is also realistic, which is another great quality of the book. The author appreciates that challenges are impossible to evade in life. He does not present life as a fairytale waiting to be enjoyed, instead, he reflects upon his own hard journey and offers wonderful advice. He encourages the reader to open themselves up to new possibilities and keep fighting for what they deserve. A lot of what is advocated for in the book is quite applicable too and is useful to any reader at any stage of their lives.

The book is also dotted with personal accounts that help in capturing one’s interest. Some stories show what is achievable when we do not lose hope while others share the author’s dreams and hopes. In some, profound lessons are contained even when the stories do not relate to the author.

In the end, they leave a feeling of inspiration that encourages and that reminds that life itself is a gift and should be lived as so.

At the end of the book, wonderful quotes are listed that further emphasize the book’s themes. Most are from notable characters who have overcome daunting odds to become who they are. The quotes also serve as great takeaways which package the author’s aim in writing the book in a fun and interesting way.

Amazingly Ridiculous is a wonderful book that reflects upon the author’s life and what he has learned along the way. It is also a presentation of what can be achieved if we are willing to put in the work and dream bigger dreams. It is a great read for every reader who is seeking inspiration and the urge to go after their dreams. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars.